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Players required (Internal leagues, outdoors)

Internal Leagues

Entries for the five Internal Leagues are again lower this year which will cause considerable recalculation on how to reformat the league’s structure.

Before finalising the teams we need to try to persuade more members to enlist for certain teams. Each league has up to 6 players short compared to last year and this will cause particular damage to the smaller Thursday mens’ triples league and the Sunday morning mixed league.

Additionally, 28 team leaders are necessary and only 21 members have volunteered (11 of these are from the management committee).

Your help is required as follows:

MORE TEAM LEADERS: 1 man for Monday team

1 man or lady for Friday mixed team

1 lady for Sunday team

MORE PLAYERS: - Sunday Mixed League: I am restructuring the teams into a new exciting combined mens’ and ladies pairs’ league. There are currently 7 players available per team but a few more would ensure good player availability.

- Thursday Mens Triples, 3 more players would be good.

Team players normally only have about six games throughout the season. Team Leader’s main role is during April to allocate in which games each player is due to play and circulate these (via the notice board or e-mail) to their 8 team members. Neither commitment is time consuming only enjoyable!

We also need players who don’t want to commit to a regular league, but would be happy to step in as ‘floaters’. Please let me know if you’d be happy to do this – it’s a valuable role.

Please call me or e-mail if you can fill any of these sought after vacancies, or indeed add your name to any league, in the next two weeks before teams are finalised.


Robert Sharp

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