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Club Champion
Tracey Raynham

Peter Beasley

Presidents Award
John Gaught




Bowman Cup

P. Beasley


Woodgrange Cup

P. Newman


Williams Cup

P. Newman


Hughes Cup

P. Beasley


Powell Cup Pairs

S. Bristow & D. Guiver


Burman Cup Handicap

P. Beasley


Veterans Cup

A. Furne


Fixed Jack

M. Davies

Chamberlain Cup

T. Raynham

Fuller Cup

C. Wooderson


Founders Trophy

J. Kitchener


Fixed Jack

P. Furne


Jubilee Two Wood Singles

J. Vincent-Jones


Williams Bowl

C. Wooderson


Two Wood Pairs

U. Gardiner & B. Isaacs


Iris Bagnall Trophy

U. Gardiner


Versus Arthritis

R. Day

Presidents Trophy

P. Furne, C. Hunter, G. Faherty & A. Furne

Team Fixed Jack

V. Bishop, L Edney & M Davies

Charity Fours

Not Played

Mixed Pairs

B. Newman & B. Maggs

Invitation Mixed Triples

T. Raynham, D. Guiver & B Murphy

Jubilee Mixed Triples

D. Chisholm, L Edney & D. Guiver

Mike Broom Trophy

B. Isaacs, I. Gilbert, D Guiver & T Raynham


J. Rookes, B. Newmans, E. Gaitens & B. Hunter

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