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Runner-up June Vincent-Jones

Presidents Award
Keith Wooderson

Club Champion Bob Easter




Bowman Cup

B. Easter


Woodgrange Cup

P. Newman


Williams Cup

M. Davies


Hughes Cup

P Newman


Powell Cup Pairs

M. Davies & R. Cox


Burman Cup Handicap

R. Sharp


Veterans Cup

D. Guiver


Fixed Jack

A. Furne

Chamberlain Cup

J. Vincent-Jones


Fuller Cup

T. Raynham


Founders Trophy

S. Clifford


Fixed Jack

J. Vincent-Jones


Jubilee Two Wood Singles

T. Raynham


Williams Bowl

B. Isaacs


Two Wood Pairs

V. Hughes & J. Vincent-Jones


Iris Bagnall Trophy

T. Raynham


Versus Arthritis

L. Edney & E. Cowland

Presidents Trophy

 S. Clifford, J Faherty, & J. Holmes

Team Fixed Jack

B. Isaacs, C. Hunter, S. Bristow

& K. Wooderson

Charity Fours

R. Sharp, V. Hughes & C. Pacey

Mixed Pairs

V. Hughes & C. Wooderson

Invitation Mixed Triples

G. Broderick, C. Pacey, & J. Clifford

Jubilee Mixed Triples

G. Faherty, B. Murphy & D. Guiver

Mike Broom Trophy

K. Coleman, J. Holmes, V. Bishop

& C. Wooderson


J. Shelley, K. Joel, G. Faherty

& L Gaitens

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