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Bowling Update

We are planning to re-open the club for outdoor bowling roll-ups only on 2nd June. The risk assessment has been done and the rules for playing are outlined below. Please read these very carefully because they contain a lot of measures designed to keep everyone as safe as possible. It goes without saying that these measures must be followed completely if this venture is to be a success for all who wish to play. Please note greys must be worn when you are on the green.

There is no pressure on anyone to play. If you decide not to play now that's fine, or you might decide to start playing later in the season. Whenever you decide to start playing, please let Marilyn know. You will of course need to pay your green fees and the information about that, and all the rules for playing, are included in the risk assessment.

When you decide to start playing you must ring Dave Guiver (01702 559281 or 07572 154821) at least the day before in order to book-in. PLEASE DO NOT JUST TURN UP HOPING TO GET A GAME. This would negate our distancing rules with too many people at the club at any one time.

We apologise that this is all very strict but we must, at this early stage, observe all the rules in order to make it a success. If you do decide to start playing, We wish you all a very happy season and We hope before too long we may be able to play some competitions, not just roll-ups.

Very best wishes

Marilyn Easter

(The committee would like to thank Marilyn for all her hard work to make this happen)

Risk Assessment for opening the club after the Coronavirus lockdown May 2020 PLEASE NOTE THE CLUBHOUSE IS CLOSED ON MONDAYS TO ALLOW FOR DEEP CLEANING

  • Members are to be advised of the new conditions for outdoor play (no short mat), and the importance of 2 metre social distancing at all times, in advance of re-opening. It is important that we keep the number of players on the premises at any one time to a minimum.

  • Members should never come to the club if they or anyone in their household are experiencing Covid-19 or any cold/flu-like symptoms.

  • Members should travel to and from the green in their own car and not offer lifts to those from other households. No spectators are allowed onto the premises – only players booked-in to bowl.

  • Members should sanitise their hands before and after play – sanitiser is just inside the clubhouse door.

  • Members should not shake hands/kiss/hug/high five before, during or after a game.

  • Dave Guiver is the person responsible for keeping a diary for the sessions when members wish to play. Members must phone him at least the day before they wish to play to book in – 01702 559281 or 07572 154821). The number of times a member can play each week may be capped to ensure everyone who wishes to play gets an equal chance of playing. Greys must be worn on the green.

  • Sessions will be in 2- hour slots with games lasting 90 minutes. This allows plenty of time for those playing to leave the premises before the next round of players arrive and for the equipment etc. to be cleaned.

  • At each session care must be taken for sanitising the clubhouse and the equipment. Hand gel will be placed on the table inside the clubhouse for players to use on entering the building. They should go straight to their locker and take out their woods/shoes etc. After each individual session, the equipment and clubhouse areas must be cleaned with sanitising spray, plus door handles/toilets/locker doors. The main gate must be propped open so members don’t have to touch it. The main clubhouse door handle, the ladies’ and men’s cloakroom door handles must be sanitised and similarly propped open. Players will then have clear access to the toilets. The actual toilet cubicle doors and the toilets must be sanitised after use by the person who has just used them.

  • The kitchen and short mat hall must not be used. Please bring any refreshments you might need during the session with you and take any rubbish home afterwards.

  • There must only be 2 people playing singles on a rink at any one time, or 2 couples (each couple from the same household) playing pairs against each other.

  • Two jacks and two mats should be used, one at each end, which should be set by only one player for the jack and one for the mat throughout the game. No other rink equipment other than 2 jacks and 2 mats should be used (no chalk, rink markers, pushers or scoreboards etc).

  • Games should be on every other rink so no more than 6 singles or 6 pairs (from the same household) will be playing at any one time. Social distancing between players on and off the green of at least 2 metres apart must be observed at all times. Do not touch your opponent’s woods with your hands. Do not measure for shots unless this is really unavoidable.

  • Members who have been booked in for a session must stay in their car, or offsite until no more than 10 minutes before their allotted time. They will come onto the site, change their shoes and collect their woods and start playing straight away. This prevents too many people being on the premises at any one time and therefore unable to observe the 2-metre distancing rule.

  • When players have finished their session, they must change their shoes and leave the premises straight away to allow for the necessary preparations to take place before the next set of members arrive. Woods and shoes should be taken home afterwards to limit the number of times members need to enter the clubhouse.

  • At the end of the day’s sessions, the premises and equipment must be left sanitised ready for the next time it is to be used. Everyone’s safety is paramount at all times.

  • Entry to the clubhouse must be kept to an absolute minimum and no refreshments will be made.

  • Rubbish bins are not to be used – players are to take any rubbish home with them.

  • The green fees will be £72 for over 65’s and £110 for under 65’s, for the months June - September – a reduction of 20% from the normal amount. This should be paid as soon as you decide to bowl, to the club by online bank transfer (Hadleigh Bowls Club 30-13-51 00191020), or by cheque payable to Hadleigh Bowls Club and left in the Treasurer’s letterbox. The cost of green fees for members who may wish to start playing under the above guidelines (unless the guidance changes) further into the season, will have their green fees reduced by 20% per month. Please contact the Treasurer for clarification.

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