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Gala Day

Gala Day Sunday 3rd September

This will soon be upon us.

Please can We ask you to put your name down for helping on the rinks (they are fun games, nothing too difficult), side shows, and very importantly, making cakes. We always need lots of cakes because every event is built on cake! If you could bring your contributions along to the clubhouse on 2nd September, or 3rd in the morning, that would be great. Large or small cakes are very welcome. Please spread the word around and bring your families and friends. This year rink 6 will be set up for bowling so anyone can try their hand to see if they'd like to take up the sport. A good opportunity for anyone you know who might be interested.

Please can we also ask for setting-up help - Saturday 2nd September from 10am. It won't take long if lots of folks turn up to help.

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